Eraslan Spice

We deliver all kind of demanded spices from all around the world with the years of experiences, knowledge and professional concrete foundation on world spice market.

Who we are?

Our family elders have founded “Eraslan Spice” as a retail shop in the beggining of 1960s and started the history of our company.

We are the third generation who are educated about technical and ethical trade from father to son. With this traditional vision and experiences we widened our market to almost all over the world and we have found Eraslan Spice Import Export Trade LLC on 1994.

Until now, we import from 25 countries from South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Far East, and we export aproximately to 10 countries.

Eraslan Spice

Our Goals;

To deliver a healthy life to next generations by offering healthy products to you, without compromising any of our principles.

Our Mission

To carry out the moral and the trade ethics that inherited us from our fathers and through these; to deliver the right product to right buyers in time and with straight pricing policies.

Our Vision

To reach every possible point on the earth, starting from our country; and deliver our spices from their sources to your tables directly.

Our Skills...


Spice & Health

“Benefits of spices to human body is known but hygiene must be cared for production and products.”

Spices must be processed through different phases, from fields until the last stage of production; and spices must be processed through caring about human health at all these phases and then can be delivered to market.

Only "good spice is healthy."


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